We equipped the machine with an interface consisting of buttons with a highly accurate response to the pressure that improves the sensitivity of the bartender and the control of daily operations.


We have designed a system for releasing steam that is exceptionally quick and precise. But that is not all: when you discover the Thunder Steam button, you won’t be able to do without it. Begin and end the process by simply pressing on the Thunder Steam button to free the valve from condensation before whipping the milk and clean it from traces of milk at the end of the operation. It couldn’t be any easier.


Even though Tecnique has a a full-touch 4.3 inch capacitive display with an extraordinarily intuitive menu for the management of all the machine’s settings, we wanted to ensure you had complete certainty in terms of starting the brewing process with a keypad of exceptional quality with 5 buttons, in order to make the operation you carry out hundreds of times a day pleasant and secure.