For over 40 years van Eembergen espresso machines is the exclusive distributor of VBM machines, coffee and accessories. Clear advice, technical support and especially our personal service are the pillars on which the company are build. VBM specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of coffee machines for professional and domestic use. For the Dutch market the interests of VBM are guaranteed by the family business of van Eembergen.


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Domobar for domestic use

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Coffeemachines for businesses

This is the story of 36 years of knowledge.

The introduction of the espresso machines in the Netherlands dates back to the late 50s. With this introduction, the founder of our company, Mr. Frans G. van Eembergen became involved as technical engineer. Mr. Frans van Eembergen owned the only official diploma espresso technology (diploma di ingegnere espresso – 1965). Van Eembergen had an important role with the introduction of espresso coffee on the Dutch market.

At first he was employed by illycaffè and afterwards for the Belgian Magec Sa. In the ’80 the important decision was taken to start his own business. The company performed service operations on the Faema machines and pretty soon also owners of other machine brands could count on the knowledge and skills of Frans van Eembergen. But it was Frans his idea to sell and perform service just one exclusive brand of espresso machine.


In ‘84, the strategic decision was taken to operate exclusively with one brand equipment. So, Frans went abroad to search for the right partner for his business. The Italian company Vibiemme just arrived on the market and was also looking for a partner abroad who was able to focus exclusively on sales, maintenance and service to their equipment. Both families got along just fine and van Eembergen became the first distributor of VBM outside of Italy. The rest of the story is history. Frans shared his passion for espresso and technics with his family.

Today René and Wendy van Eembergen are leading the company, already for several years, according to his ideas. The key words for the company are ultimate service, highest level of knowledge of all employees, and the reach for ultimate customer satisfaction. The high skilled and experienced technical team is on a daily base on the road to install and service all VBM espresso machines.


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